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Modest Proposals offers a refreshing take on current events and the more general political and cultural times in which we live. Unlike partisan outlets or journalistic work, Modest Proposals digs deeper to uncover the roots of political debates, the values at stake, and the broader significance of newsworthy events. 

The primary objective of Modest Proposals is to make the political insights of a free-thinking academic accessible to those without a degree in political science. This approach produces a deeper, thought-provoking, more creative take on American politics you won’t find elsewhere. To do so, these posts will fuse the news of the day with academic fields like history, philosophy, economics, and political science in ways that compelling yet easy to understand. 

Modest Proposals is committed to the pursuit of the truth. Even though its author has her own political opinions and preferences, this newsletter is not about promoting a particular political party, candidate, or ideology. Inspired by the spirit of Jonathan Swift, author of “A Modest Proposal,” Modest Proposals is willing to say what others won’t in an entertaining, bold, and thought-provoking way.

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About the Author

I am a scholar, a former professor, and a retired competitive debater who is committed to seeking the truth through free inquiry. As a free-lance political scientist who recently left the Ivory Tower, I believe that my formal academic training, critical thinking, and increasingly uncommon “common sense” gives me the ability to see what others miss in the pursuit of truth. 

Thinking about politics and current events is more than a passion or hobby of mine. When I was in high school I joined the debate team and learned how to argue positions with which I did not agree and do so thoughtfully and persuasively. I continued to enjoy being a competitive debater in college where I also learned how to identify the core principles underlying political debates as well as how to analyze and assess various arguments. 

My commitment to studying politics also extends to my professional aspirations. I spent years training to be a scholar and expert in the fields of American Politics and Political Theory so I could gain a more complete understanding of the nature of politics. I earned my PhD in political science from the University of Washington after completing a dissertation titled “Peaceful Protest vs. Political Violence: Why Some American Social Movements Want to Watch the World Burn” in August 2020. I also have a Masters in political science from the University of Washington and a Bachelor’s of Science in political science with a minor in psychology from Portland State University. 

During my time as a graduate student and for a brief time afterwards, I did more than read books and conduct original research. I was also a teaching assistant (during which I taught smaller sections of larger college courses), the sole instructor for college courses, or adjunct professor for almost eight years in universities in the Pacific Northwest. Teaching was the highlight of my brief academic career before I was canceled. Even though I am no longer teaching in a lecture hall, I still want to share the ideas that are the product of my unique perspectives and formal academic training. 

Modest Proposals is both an opportunity for me to share my take on American politics, and also as a place for you to engage in these debates yourself. I encourage you to subscribe and then to comment on my posts in response to my ideas (whether you agree or not), ask questions, and raise other related topics that you would like to see explored in the future.